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      Title: Tzatziki Sauce
 Categories: Garlic Appetizers     
   Servings:  2
       1 x  Same As In 6                  
   Prepare the Sauce as in Tzatziki but only drain the yougurt for 6 to 7
   hours.  The mixture can be used in several ways.  It is zesty on hamburger
   sandwiches.  Top each burger with a slice of ripe tomato, a small heap of
   grated cabbage, and a dollop of Tzatziki sauce.  It can also be served
   with grilled meats.  The meat juices mingling with the tzatziki are
   utterly delicious.
   As a sauce for tomatoes, it is something special.  Cut several ripe
   tomatoes into sections, cutting from stem to stern, but do not cut all the
   way through.  Open the tomato like a flower.  Salt lightly and invert on
   paper towles to drain for a few minutes.  Fill each tomato with some
   tzatziki and garnish with fresh mint.