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                         sweet milk
                         corn bread
 Crumblin' is a traditional Texas dish/drink characteristic of the Texan’s
 penchant for “waste not, want not.” In the early days of Texas statehood,
 cornmeal flour was more readily available that wheat flour. Consequently, corn
 bread was a prevalant dish in most households. There was always leftover corn
 bread, and since most Texans had a family cow, sweet milk from the cow was
 mixed with the bread into an interesting “drink.” It’s not for everyone, but
 those who grew up during the Depression remember the concoction well.
 Pour sweet milk to fill a large glass 2/3 full. Then take fresh-made or
 day-old corn bread and crumble into glass of milk. Let soak to desired
 consistency and drink. (I always ate it with a long handled tea spoon.) One
 variation includes a tablespoon of finely minced sweet white onions.
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