Cut the potato in slices, about 1/2 cm each.  With skin and all.
 Put the slices on a plate, and then let microware for about 5 mins, then 
 turn the potatoes over, and microwave again for 5 mins, then check for 
 doneness, and if more time is needed put them more in the microwave oven.
 This can also be done in the normal oven, but then put on a Teflon covered 
 cookie sheet, one squirt of Pam and make it cover all the cookie sheet.  
 They take at least 15 mins per side.
 Both ways they are delicious.
 A good snack, and no fat or salt.  Some people add salt or other things 
 later on.  They are super crispy.  
 I have been making than nearly daily, and they are a good snack.
 You can also do this with yams.  And they come out delicious.