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       Title: Flavored Popcorn
  Categories: Snacks, Tabasco
    Servings:  1
       1 qt Fresh Popcorn
       2 tb Melted Margarine Or Butter
       3 tb Strawberry Flavor Drink Mix
       2 tb Instant Cappuccino Flavoring
       1 tb Dry Blue Cheese Dip Mix With
            A Dash Of Garlic Salt
       1 ts Curry Powder With:
       1 ts Cumin And:
     1/2 ts Garlic Salt
       2 tb Chili Seasoning Mix
            Tabasco Sauce To Taste:
            Added To Melted Butter
   Using 1 quart of freshly made popcorn as a serving size; select one of the
   listed flavor combinations and follow directions.  In most cases adding the
   flavor to the melted butter or margarine would be the easiest method. The
   strawberry flavored drink mix will give strawberry flavored popcorn. The
   instant Cappuccino mix will give Cappuccino flavor.  The dry Blue Cheese
   and garlic salt will give Blue Cheese flavor.  The combination of curry
   powder, cumin and garlic salt is good for curry.  Chili seasoning will give
   a south of the border flavor and finally adding Tabasco sauce to your taste
   to the melted butter will give that added kick some may prefer.