To make fruit leather:
 Select ripe or slightly overripe produce (combinations also if desired).
 Wash, remove any blemishes, stems or pits and peal produce if desired.
 (Skins are highly nutritious.)  Puree the produce in a blender until
 it is smooth.
 Pour 1 1/2  to 2 cups of puree on to the parchment paper or plastic
 wrap covered trays of dehydrator.  Since the edges tend to dry more
 rapidly, the poured puree should be 1/8 thick at the center and 1/4
 thick at the edges.  Place in the dehydrator with temperature set at
 135.  Average drying time for leathers is 4 to 6 hours.  When the
 leather has dried, it will be a bit shiny and non-sticky to the touch.
 Allow the leather to cool and peel it from the tray.  Roll it into a
 tight cylindrical shape.  A piece of plastic wrap, measured to fit
 the length and widith, is then tightly wrapped around the leather.