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       Title: Granola
  Categories: Snacks
    Servings: 11
       2 c  Wheat flakes
       2 c  Rye flakes
       1 c  Barley flakes
       3 c  Oat flakes
       1 c  Shredded coconut
       1 c  Nuts, chopped (your choice,
            -almonds, peanuts, etc)
     1/2 c  Sunflower seeds
     1/2 c  Sesame seeds
     1/2 c  Water
     1/2 c  Oil
     1/2 c  -To:
     3/4 c  Honey
       2 ts Vanilla
       1 ts Salt
   Mix all the cereal ingredients together in a big bowl.  Spread out on
   shallow pans.  Pour the coating over the cereal mixture.  Bake in 275 oven
   for 1 hour.  Mix the cereal every 15 minutes to coat all the flakes. Cool
   and store in airtight containers. Makes about 11-12 cups of granola.
   Shared by:  Sharon Stevens   Sept/91