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       Title: Reader’s Granola
  Categories: Snacks
    Servings: 15
       2 c  Oats, old-fashioned
   1 1/2 c  Almonds; chopped
       1 c  Coconut, shredded
     1/2 c  Wheat germ, toasted
       1 ts Salt
      14 oz Milk, sweetened condensed
     1/4 c  Oil, vegetable
   1 1/2 c  Raisins
   Preheat oven to 300F.  In a large bowl, combine oats, almonds, coconut,
   wheat germ and salt.  Stir in milk and oil and mix thoroughly.  Spread on a
   paper-lined shallow baking pan and bake, stirring occasionally, for 1 hour,
   or until golden.  Stir in raisins.  Let cool and store in an airtight
   Per 1/2 cup: 341 cal, 9g pro, 16g fat, 43g car, 192mg sod, 12mg chol.
   [Eating Well 6-92]
   Posted by: Karen Wienold