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       Title: Lynn’s Beef Jerky
  Categories: Dehydrating, Meats, Snacks
       Yield: 1 recipe
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       1 lb Beef loin tip
       1 lb Beef brisket*
            Jetton’s Barbecue Sauce
            Another with no sugar
            Onion salt
            Garlic salt
   *Ask your butcher to slice paper thin.
   If necessary, roll out meat slices as thin as possible. Trim off fat.
   Set oven at 200 degrees and line cookie sheets with foil. Brush one
   side of meat with sauce. Put slices on cookie sheet; DO NOT STACK.
   Sprinkle lightly with onion and garlic salts. Cook for 8 to 9 hours.
   Turn meat after 6 hours of cooking and brush with sauce. Cool and
   store in a tightly covered jar or sealed in a plastic bag. Source:
   Texas Highways Cookbook