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                              Hamburger Jerky
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1       lb           Very lean ground beef
    1       tb           Worcestershire sauce
    1       t            Curing salt -- (optional --
                         - this contains nitrates
                         - and sugar, or subsitute
                         - an equal amount of season-
                         -ed salt
    1       d            Cayenne
   Buy the leanest ground beef possible, or select a lean chuck roast and
   grind it or have it ground.  Combine meat with remaining ingredients,
   mixing well.  Cut a piece of plastic wrap the size of your drying
 tray. Put
   seasoned bround beef on plastic wrap and, using a moistened rolling
   roll ground geef to 1/8 thick, spreading meat over entire area of
 tray. A
   jerkey press can be used instead:  Follow manufacturer’s directions.
   Place meat-covered plastic wrap on gray and dry at 140 F for 4 to 6
    Remove tray, plastic wrap-side up.  Peel of wrap and discard.  Roll
   towels over top with rolling pin to remove melted fat.  Invert meat
   another tray, plastic wrap-side up.  Peel of wrap and discard. Return
   to dehydrator and dry for another 4 to 6 hours.  Top with paper towels
   roll again to absorb fat.  Dry until jerky is hard and leathery. Cut
   strips before storing.
   Package airtight and store in refrigerator or freezer if possible. 
   within 6 months.
   From:  _Making and Using Dried Foods_ by Phyllis Hobson
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