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       Title: Neighborhood or Scout Troop Snax
  Categories: Snacks, Kids
    Servings:  6
       1    Box corn chex
       1    Box rice chex
       1 lg Bag of pretzels
       1 lg Can of nuts (any kind, honey
            -roasted peanuts works best
            -for me)
       1    Bag of plain and peanut
       2    Bags dehydrated fruit, cut
   Neighborhood or Scout Troop Snax
   First you will need a heavy duty trash bag (Hefty Steel Sack works fine)
   pour in the following, having two children holding open the bag: Here’s the
   part that the kids like to do...tie the bag closed and shake to mix. Open
   bag and divide out, I use zip-lock sandwich bags.  Serves alot of