Baked and Seasoned Tortilla Chips
 2 packages of corn tortillas
 Olive Oil Pam
 salt, or cayanne pepper or taco seasoning or butter salt.
 Remove the tortillas from the packageand make one tall stack
 (one on top of the other).  Lightly (!) spritz each top layer
 of the tortilla with Pam.  After each one is sprayed, sprinkle
 on the salt or other seasoning according to individual taste.
 Flip the whole stack over and repeat the process.  Take a 
 sharp knife and slice the  round tortilla stack into
 quarters (eights work well, too)
 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Place torilla wedges on a
 cookie sheet (single layer) and bake for approximately
 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on these.  They can turn from
 a delicious golden brown to burnt brown very quickly!
 Remove from oven and spread out to cool.  Store in zip
 lock bags.
 Alternative to Using Pam for Baked Chips:
 Instead of spraying each side of the tortilla with Pam and sprinkling
 on the salt, I use a pastry brush and lightly “paint” on a mixture of
 hot water and salt. It make it almost as salty as a brine.  Then I
 just take the pasty brush and lightly brush over the front and back
 of the tortilla.  Then sprinkle on the seasoning.  The seasonings
 adher to the tortilla when they are slightly moist.
 Cut the tortillas as directed.  They take a bit longer to bake
 and they don't crisp us as “crunchy” as when using the light
 spray of Pam, but the payoff is that you have used no additional
 fat at all.  If you prefer not to add any salt, substitute your
 favorite seasoning.