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       Title: Wheat Thins
  Categories: Snacks
    Servings:  6
   1 3/4 c  Whole wheat flour
   1 1/2 c  White flour
            2.    Mix in blender or beat
     1/3 c  Oil
     3/4 ts Salt
       1 c  Water
   Wheat Thins
   1.    Mix in larg mixing bowl
   3.    Add liquid mixture to dry, mixing well but as little as possible.
   4.    Roll as thin as possible on unoiled cookie sheet - not more than 1/8
   thick.  Mark with knife for size crackers desired, but do not cut through.
   Prick each cracker a few times with fork. Sprinkle lightly with salt or
   onion salt, if desired.
   5.    Bake at 350ø until crisp and light brown, about 30 minutes.