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  Categories: Beverages
       Yield: 3 servings
     1/2 lb Dried Apricots
       1 c  Water
     1/4 c  Sugar
       1    Cinnamon Stick (3")
       1 c  Non-fat Milk
       1 tb Vanilla
       7 c  Non-fat Milk
     1/2 ts Ground Nutmeg
       4 lg Egg whites
     1/2 c  Sugar
     3/4 c  Rum or Brandy (optional)
   In a 1-2 qt. saucepan, combine apricots, water, sugar, and cinnamon stick.
   Bring to boil over high heat, then cover, reduce heat, gently simmer until
   Apricots are very tender when pierced, about 15 minutes. Discard Cinnamon.
   Let Apricots cool at least 1 hour. Pour into blender and add milk. Whirl
   until mixture is smooth. Mix in a large bowl with vanilla, milk, and
   nutmeg. Cover and chill at least 4 hours or until the next day. In a large
   bowl, beat egg whites with an electric mixer on high speed until frothy.
   Gradually beat in remaining sugar until whites hold stiff moist peaks. Set
   aside about 1/2 C. of the meringue.  Gently whisk Apricot mixture into
   remaining meringue until smoothly blended.  Stir in Rum or Brandy to taste
   and enough more Milk to thin to desired consistency.  Pour into serving
   bowl and float the reserved meringue on top of the liquid. Makes 3 1/2 Qts.
   (18 servings at 6 oz. each)