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       Title: Red Sage Daquiri
  Categories: Beverages
       Yield: 4 servings
     750 ml Dark Rum (Myers is a good
     750 ml Overproof Rum (Bacardi 151
            Or similar)
       1    Pinaple, cut into quarters,
            Skin on.
       1    Mango, sliced in half and
            Seed removed
       3    Whole vanilla beans
   Place all ingredients in a large jar, seal airtight,
   and let sit in a cool, dark location (not the
   refrigerator) for at least 3 weeks.  Then, remove the
   pineapple, mango and vanilla beans.  If there is
   significant sediment, you can run the liquid through a
   coffee filter.  Serve chilled or over ice.