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                           Liqueurs From Extracts
 Recipe By     : Making Cordials & Liqueurs at Home, J.P. Farrell
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Cordials & Liqueurs              Seventh
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 There are many commercially made flavoring extracts onthe market that can
 also be used.  T. Noirot a firm from Nancy, France, are about the best
 and they have 3 dozen extracts.  A sample follows:
 Galliano                                             Yellow Genepy
 Benedictine                                        Reverendine
 Green Chartreuse                             Green Convent
 Yellow Chartreuse                            Yellow Convent
 Strega                                                Stress
 Curacao                                            Orange Red Curacao
 Drambuie                                            Honey Smoke
 Goldwasser                                       Dantzick
 Tia Maria                                             Moka
 To use these extracts: Add one cup of sugar syrup or honey to the small
 bottle of extract in a 1 quart jar. Fill with vodka or brandy and shake.
 Noirot may be purchased through the following:
 Wine Supply West, Inc.
 4324 Geary St.
 San Francisco, CA  94118
 3707 Valley Hill Drive
 Randallstown, MD  21133
 The Purple Foot
 3171 S. 92nd St.
 Milwaukee, WI  53227
 Wine Makers Haven
 105 N. York Rd.
 Hatboro, PA  19040
 Another manufacturer is Spice Club Foods, Inc. and I am sure there are
 many more out there.  Let’s do a web search and there will be many.
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