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       Title: Ginger Beer Starter
  Categories: Polkadot, Faylen, Breads, Brewing
       Yield: 1 Servings
       3 md Potatoes
       3 c  Water
     1/2 c  Corn meal
       2 ts Salt
            Foam from 12-ounce can
            -chilled beer
   Cook the potatoes in the water until tender.  Drain off liquid and
   add more water if necessary to make 3 full cups again.  Put potatoes
   through food mill or sieve.  Scald the corn meal in 1 cup of the
   potato water until it reaches the boiling point and thickens,
   stirring constantly to be sure that no lumps form.  Now combine the
   sieved potatoes, 2 cups potato water, corn meal mixture, sugar and
   salt in large bowl (do not use metal or plastic). Let cool until just
   warm.  Pour the cold beer slowly into a large glass. Immediately skim
   off all the foam and stir into the mixture in the bowl. Cover tightly
   and set in warm place (80 to 85) until fermentation is complete.  In
   warm, humid weather this will take about 24 hours. In cold weather it
   may require several more hours for the starter to become foamy
   throughout.  Stir occasionally during the process. Pour into a large
   (about 2 quart size) glass container and store in the refrigerator at
   about 38 degrees.  Do not put the lid on tightly until the working
   has subsided.
   Let starter ripen about 3 days until 1/2 inch or more of clear liquid
   has risen to top.  Stir thoroughly each time before a portion is
   removed for baking.  When the supply has been reduced to about 1
   cupful or a little more, repeat the beginning process with the
   exception that no more beer foam needs to be used.  When the mixture
   of potatoes, potato water, corn meal mixture, salt and sugar are well
   blended and cool, add the remainder of the old starter and stir well.
   Cover and set in a warm place until fermented as before (8 to 12
   hours).  Store in refrigerator and let ripen again until the clear
   liquid comes to the top before starting to use from this new supply.
   “Using the recipe for Beer Starter, substitute 1/2 cup English Ginger
   Beer (found in either brown glass bottles or tin cans in the gourmet
   sections of most supermarkets) for the foam from chilled beer.  This
   makes the very best smelling starter I have ever worked with.”
   From: Breads and Coffee Cakes with Homemade Starters
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