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            Title: Heloises  Flavored  Coffee  Mixes
       Catagories: Beverages
            Yield: 2 cups  dry mix 
       Directions :
       1/2 c  Instant coffee
       3/4 c  Sugar
          1 c Powdered milk
       1/2 t  Dried orange peel
       1/2 c Instant coffee
       1/2 c Sugar
         1 c Powdered coffee creamer
         2 T Unsweetened cocoa
       1/2 c  Instant coffee
       2/3 c  Sugar
       2/3 c  Powdered milk
       1/2 t  Cinnamon
     You can substitute the appropriate amount of artificial
     sweetener for sugar in any of these mixes.  The label on the
     sweetener usually will tell you the equivalent of the amount of
     sugar.  Powdered creamer also can be substituted for the powdered
     milk.  To make 1 cup of coffee:  Place 2 rounded teaspoons homemade
     coffee mix into a cup; fill with hot water.  Store in an air tight