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       Title: Date-Nut Butter
  Categories: Posted-mm, Topping, Butter, Nuts, Fruit
       Yield: 3 /4 cup
     1/2 c  Unsalted butter, softened
     1/4 c  Pitted dates, finely chopped
       3 tb Toasted walnuts, chopped
       1 ts Sugar
     1/4    Tsp    variilla extract
   In small bowl beat butter until smooth. Add remaining ingredients; mix
   well. Cover and refrigerate butter if not using immediately. Let butter
   stand at room temperature to soften before serving.
   Makes 3/4 cup.
   Recipe Created by Bradley Ogden, Chef-owner Lark Creek Inn, Larkspur, CA
   Recipe from: California Milk Advisory Board
   From the recipes files of suzy@gannett.infi.net