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       Title: CURRANT SYRUP
  Categories: Beverages, Fruits, Syrup
       Yield: 1 Bottle
    3.00 lb Currants; white or red
    1.00 lb Raspberries
    1.00 lb Cherries, sour
            Sugar; see below
   “This syrup can be refrigerated for about a month, but must be used
   within two weeks after a bottle is opened.” Add several tbsps to
   glass and fill with cold water or sparkling water and ice.
   Mash the fruits together and let them stand in a warm place for a
   Strain the juice into a nonreactive pan, and add 4 cups (1 lite) of
   sugar to each 2 1/2 cups (625 ml) of liquid; place over low heat or
   inside a pan partly filled with simmering water and stir to dissolve
   the sugar. Cool the syrup, then skim it, pour it into bottles and
   cork them tightly.
   MAKES: about 7 cups, 1 3/4 litres SOURCE: _The Book of One Hundred
   Beverages_ by William Bernhardt