Date:    Tue, 21 Mar 95 12:58:57 PST
 From:    Jessica Shawl - MPG ~ <>
 A Little Italian
 Also from Dean Ornish’s Eat More Weigh Less
 Book notes:  Use this herb and spice mixture in pasta sauces or
 with braised or roasted vegetables.
 Makes a scant cup
 2 Tbsp dried basil
 2 Tbsp dried marjoram
 2 Tbsp dried oregano
 2 Tbsp dried coriander
 2 Tbsp dried thyme
 2 Tbsp dried rosemary
 2 Tbsp dried savory
 1 tsp hot red pepper flakes
 In the bowl of a food processor, combine all the ingredients.  Process for 
 30 seconds until finely ground.  Transfer to a tightly sealed container,
 label, and date.  Store in a cool dark place for up to 3 months.