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  Categories: Diabetic, Dressings, Salads
       Yield: 1 batch
 ------------------TO 1/2 C LO-CAL ITALIAN------------------
            -dressing add any of these
       1 oz Anchovy fillets;
 -----------------------GROUND BACON-----------------------
            Bacos; allow to mellow
            -several hours;
       1 tb Parmesan cheese; allow to
            -mellow several hours
       1 tb Tomato puree;
       1 tb Dry white or red wine;
   Food exchange per serving:
   Anchovy Dressing; 1 MEAT EXCHANGE
   Bacon Dressing; 1/2 FAT EXCHANGE
   Parmesan Dressing; 1/8 MEAT EXCHANGE
   Tomato Dressing; None
   Wine Dressing; None
   CAL: 1/2 C 24;
   Source: The Complete Diabetic Cookbook by Mary Jane
   Finsand Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'Brion and
   her Meal-Master