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  Categories: Dressings
       Yield: 1 servings
     1/2 c  Onion -- Coarsely chopped
     1/4 c  Carrot -- Coarsely chopped
       2 ts Celery -- Coarsely chopped
   1 1/2 ts Ginger -- minced
     3/4 c  Soy sauce
     1/2 c  Vinegar
     1/4 c  Lemon juice -- fresh
   1 1/2 ts Tomato paste
            Salt and pepper
         ds Hot pepper sauce
   Pureee onion, carrot, celery and ginger in blender or
   processor.  Add oil, soy
   sauce, vinegars, lemon juice and tomato paste and
   blend well.  Season to taste
   with salt, freshly ground pepper and hot pepper sauce.
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