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       Title: Cumin Dressing
  Categories: dressing, Share
       Yield: 1 cup
     1/2 c  olive oil
     1/4 c  vegetable oil
       6 tb lime juice (fresh); 4-5
       1 ts ground cumin
     1/2 ts lime jest; grated
     1/2 ts salt
     1/4 ts white pepper
   Combine ingredients in a screw-top jar.  Shake to blend.  Serve over your
   favorite combination of salad greens.
   Make Ahead Tip:  The dressing can e perpared several days ahead and
   refrigerated.  Let come to room temp and shake.
   Nutrient value per tablespoon:
   91 calories, 0 g protien, 10 g fat, 1 g carbo, 0 mg sodium.
   Contributor:  Family Circle-5/17/94