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       Title: Green Goddess Dressing^
  Categories: Crs, Healthy, Low fat
       Yield: 40 servings
       3 cl Garlic, minced
       2 tb Chopped parsley
     1/2 c  Rice vinegar
       1 ts Dijon mustard, no salt
       3 tb Lowfat cottage cheese
       1 c  Skim buttermilk
   1 1/2 tb Apple juice concentrate
       1 tb Parmesan cheese
     1/2    Cucumber, peeled, seeded and
     1/2    Lime, juice of
       1 ds Pepper
   Blend in blender until smooth.
   Per tablespoon serving:
   Calories: 20
   Protein: 3g
   Carbohydrates: 2g
   Fat: trace
   Sodium: 12mg
   Cholesterol: 2mg
   Adapted from Cooking for Good Health by Gloria Rose
   ISBN: 0-89529-577-6
   Entered by Carolyn Shaw 4-95.
   Collected from the FidoNet           Int'l Cooking Echoes