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       Title: Vinaigrettes and Variations
  Categories: Salad dres
       Yield: 1 /2 c
 --------------------------------SMALL FEASTS--------------------------------
 --------------------------BASIC VINAIGRETTE, 1/2C--------------------------
       2 T  Red OR white wine vinegar
       6 T  Olive oil, to 8T
     1/2 t  Salt
     3/4 t  Dijon
       2 t  Shallots, minced, opt
 -----------------------------VARIATION: CHIVES-----------------------------
       1 T  Chives, minced
       1 T  Shallots
       1 c  VINAIGRETTE
 ----------------------------VARIATION: CUCUMBER----------------------------
       3 T  Cucumber, grated
       1 T  Chives, chpd
       1 c  VINAIGRETTE
 -----------------------------VARIATION: GARLIC-----------------------------
       1 cl Garlic, processed into
       1 c  VINAIGRETTE
 ------------------------------VARIATION: HERBS------------------------------
       3    Sprigs parsley, minced
       1 t  Dried tarragon
       1 t  Fresh basil OR 1/2t dried
       1 c  VINAIGRETTE
 ----------------------------VARIATION: TARRAGON----------------------------
            Substitute tarragon vinegar
            -for red or white in master
   Blend all until well combined.