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  Categories: Jams
       Yield: 6 servings
       3 c  Crushed strawberries
       1 c  Mashed banana
       3 c  Sugar
       1    Box CERTO light fruit pectin
   Measure fruits into a large bowl.  Measure sugar and set aside.  Combine
   CERTO fruit pectin crystals with 1/4 cup of the measured sugar. Gradually
   add to fruit, stirring well.  Let stand for 30 minutes,stirring
   occasionally. Gradually stir in remaining sugar and continue stirring for 3
   minutes until most of the sugar is dissolved.  Pour into clean jars or
   plastic containers. Cover tightly with lids.  let stand at room temperature
   until set (may take up to 24 hours).  Store in freezer or up to 3 weeks in
   fridge. Makes 6 cups.
   Origin:  June Readers' Digest (Canadian) Shared by: Sharon Stevens. 5/92