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                                  Oils 101
 Recipe By     : Emeril Lagasse
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                 Emeril Lagasse
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 Oils are one of the most important items in your kitchen, yet hardly anyone eve
 r talks about them.  But Food Correspondent Emeril Lagasse does.  Join him for “
 Oils 101:” the answer to all your cooking oil questions!
 All-purpose oil, olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil...  with all these choices, 
 how are you supposed to know what cooking oil goes with what foods? GMA Food Co
 rrespondent Emeril Lagasse has all the answers to your cooking oil questions in
  “Oils 101.” Oils 101 with Emeril Lagasse
 Buying & Storing Tips:  
 1. Replace all oils every 6-12 months
 2. Store all oils away from heat and sunlight
 3. Buy only what you need!
 1. FOR Deep Fat Frying— all-purpose oils
 2. FOR Shallow pan frying— all-purpose oils
 3. Sautéing— Olive oil
 4. Cold Salads— ANY Nut or Seed OILS or Sesame, or Extra Virgin olive oil
 Money Saving:  
 1. Buy Generic all-purpose oils
 2. Mix olive oil with canola or vegetable oil to make it last longer
 3. Use a spray bottle for olive oil for healthier cooking
 4. Make your own herb-flavored olive oils!
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