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                                 GINGER OIL
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   Ginger oil can be made quickly by putting twelve
   slices of ginger and a half cup of peanut oil in a
   small frying pan and cooking over medium heat until
   the ginger is browned and the oil is almost smoking.
   Remove the pan from the heat and take out the ginger;
   what remains is a tasty oil that you can use to dress
   pasta or make into a sauce for fish. For a spicier
   oil, add a few whole, dried hot peppers with the
   ginger.     For the simplest sauce made from ginger
   oil,  just whisk in two tablespoons of soy sauce (I
   like Kikkoman’s best). This quantity is enough to
   sauce about two pounds of fish fillets--salmon,
   tuna,or whitefish. For a light main dish, poach the
   fish--and add a few thin slices of ginger to the
   poaching liquid. (By Jackie Shen)
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