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       Title: Honey And Lemon Carrageen Pudding
  Categories: Desserts, Irish
       Yield: 4 servings
     1/2 c  Dried carrageen
       2 T  Honey
            Lemon juice and grated rind
            Egg white, beaten stiff
     150 ml Heavy cream, whipped
   Soak the carrageen in hot water to cover for about 15 minutes (or
   reconstitute according to package instructions), then drain discarding the
   soaking liquid.  Put into 600 ml fresh water with the honey, lemon juice
   and rind.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 25-30 minutes.  Strain and
   discard the carrageen, and let the liquid cool slightly.  Meanwhile,
   combine the beaten egg white and the whipped cream, then gently fold the
   mixture into the carrageen liquid.  Pour into a greased mold and chill.
   (Carrageen [or “carrageenan”] can usually be found in health food stores.)