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  Categories: Main dish
       Yield: 1 servings
            -(Serves 8)
   1 jar    (275 g) seedless maraschino cherries 2 tblsp
   Cherry marnier 1 tub (2 litres) vanilla ice cream 100
   g packet (3 1/2 oz) round white marshmallows 1 violet
   crumble bar, chopped (whot? not crumbled?) 200 g (7
   oz) Vienna almonds, finely chopped 1 cherry ripe,
   chopped Drain the cherries and reserve the liquid.
   Put cherries into a small bowl and add cherry marnier
   (don't be tempted to add too much liqueur as it will
   stop the ice cream from freezing).  Soak overnight.
   Next day, remove the ice cream from the freezer to
   soften.  Cut marshmallows into quarters and add to the
   cherries.  Transfer the ice cream into a large mixing
   bowl. Stir through all the remaining ingredients plus
   sufficeint reserved cherry liquid to colour the ice
   cream a pretty pale pink (add a few drops of pink
   colour if necessary).  Put the mixture into a
   lamington tin and freeze until firm.  Cover with two
   thicknesses of foil and store in freezer until
   Christmas day.  Cut into squares. Converted by MMCONV
   vers. 1.40