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  Categories: Desserts
       Yield: 6 servings
      10    White bread slices
            -crusts removed
       2 c  Milk
      40 g  Butter, melted
     1/2 c  Sugar
       2    Eggs, separated
            -plus 1 egg white
            Finely grated rind and juice
            -of one lemon
       2 tb Caster sugar
   Spread bread slices in a single layer on an oven tray and place in a
   200C oven.  Turn oven off and leave for 4-5 hours, or until dried.
   Process bread to fine crumbs in a food processor - can be done ahead
   and stored in an airtight conainer until required.
   Bring milk almost to simmering point in a saucepan.  Pour over
   breadcrumbs in a bowl and mix to combine.   Set aside.   Whisk
   butter, sugar, egg yolks, lemon rind and juice together.   Stir into
   the breadcrumb mixture and spoon into 6 buttered 1/2 cup souffle
   dishes.   Place in a baking pan and pour in enogh hot water to reach
   halfway up the sides of the dishes. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes.
   Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.  gradually add caster
   sugar and beat until thick and glossy.  Top puddings with meringue
   mixture, return to the oven and bake for 10 minutes longer, or until
   Source:  Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine Posted by: Mike Kear