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                              DRY RUB AND MOP
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Sauces                           Rubs
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                         DRY RUB:
      1/2   c            Paprika
      1/4   c            Golden brown sugar
      1/8   c            Salt
      1/8   c            Granulated garlic
      1/8   c            Chipotle peppers -- ground
    1       tb           Celery salt
    1       tb           Onion powder
    1       tb           Freshly cracked black
    1       tb           Chimayo red chile -- ground
   14 1/2   oz           Canned chicken broth
      1/2   c            Orange juice
    2       tb           Worcestershire sauce
    2       tb           Above listed rub
   I like the rub a lot. Needs more black pepper, though.
   To me, the thing that makes this outstanding is the
   chipotles. And note that these are not the canned ones
   in adobo - they're dried. This makes their smokiness a
   bit more intense. You might not be able to find them,
   so just them out. Same for the red chiles - or you
   could use cayenne instead. Experiment! Be merry!
   The mop wasn't bad, but I'll try something new next
   time. As far as I'm concerned, it needs more tinkering.
   For the trout, the rub consisted only of lemon pepper.
   The mop was some terriyaki sauce with a little sugar
   mixed in. That’s it!
   As far as technique goes, this is what I did:
   ~ Night before: apply rub and pop food back in fridge.
   ~ Next day: take food out of fridge and rest for an
   hour while smoker is coming up to temp (220degF or
   so). - Put chickens on. Mop after first hour, then
   every half hour after that. In retrospect, I will not
   mop this often in the future. Once per hour will
   probably do me. Total smoking time was about 6 hours.
   High winds. This was a problem, so your mileage may
   vary. I did move the birds around so as to get more
   even heat districution. Probably did that twice. - Put
   trout on. Mopped whenever I mopped the chickens. Total
   smoking time was about 2 hours. - Although the trout
   was consumed immediately, I let the chickens rest for
   about an hour afterwards.
   I worried more about the chickens than I did about the
   trout, and I think this affected the flavor - the
   trout was better! Don't fret too much over this - it’s
   supposed to be fun, right? :^)
   So that’s it. Comments and musings always welcome.
   Have a super weekend everybody!
   Recipe By     : Jody Baze
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