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  1. Rustic Rub
  2. Savory Steak Rub
  3. Sesame, Mustard Rub
  4. Shake 'n' Smoke Ribs (How-to)
  5. Sirloin Dry Rub
  6. Southern Succor Rub
  7. Southwest Heat
  8. Southwestern Spice Rub
  9. Spicy Rub
  10. Steak And Chop Rub
  11. Sweet Sensation
  12. Texas Sol Brisket Rub
  13. Texas Style Dry Rub
  14. Unusual Chicken Spices - Cardamon Rub
  15. Uptown Creole Rub (Barnard)
  16. West Indies Marinade Rub.
  17. Wild Willy’s Number One-Derful Rub

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