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                         AIGO BOUIDO (GARLIC SOUP)
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups                            Vegetables
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1                    Separated head or about 16
                         -cloves whole, unpeeled
    2       qt           Water
    1       t            Salt
    1       pn           Of pepper
    2                    Cloves
      1/4   ts           Sage
      1/4   ts           Thyme
      1/2                Bay leav
    4                    Sprigs parsley
    3       tb           Olive oil
   This isn't cream of garlic soup, but it has a creamy
   texture. I've done this one and it’s great.  As Julia
   says, “Because the garlic is boiled, its after-effects
   are at a minimum, and its flavor becomes exquisite,
   aromatic and almot undefinable.”
   From Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French
   Cooking, Vol. I”:
   Drop garlic cloves in boiling water and boil for 30
   seconds. Drain, run cold water over them and peel.
   Place the garlic and the rest of the ingredients in a
   3-quart saucepan and boil slowly for 30 minutes.
   Correct seasoning.
   3 egg yolks 3 to 4 T. olive oil
   Beat the egg yolks with a wire whip in a soup tureen
   for a minute or until they are thick and sticky.  Drop
   by drop beat in the olive oil for making a mayonnaise.
   Rounds of hard-toasted French bread 1 cup of grated
   Swiss or Parmesan cheese
   Just before serving, beat a ladleful of hot soup into
   the egg mixture by droplets.  Gradually strain in the
   rest, beating and pressing the juice out of the
   garlic. Serve immediately, accompanied by the bread
   and cheese.
   Posted by Al Martin. Courtesy of Fred Peters.
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