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                           Hearty Vegetable Soup
 Recipe By     : Gourmet, March, 1986
 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :2:00
 Categories    : Soups                            Soups & Stews
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    2      teaspoons     salt
    2      tablespoons   olive oil
      1/4  teaspoon      Tabasco sauce
    1 1/2  pounds        eggplant -- cut into 1 cubes
    1      pound         zucchini -- cut into 1 cubes
    1      large         onion -- halved & sliced
    1      pound         mushrooms -- sliced
    1      clove         garlic -- minced
    2      tablespoons   unsalted butter
   14      ounce can     tomatoes, drained & juice reserved -- chopped
    1      cup           dry white wine
    1      teaspoon      dried marjoram -- crumbled
    1      tablespoon    Worcestershire sauce
    1      tablespoon    cornstarch dissolved in 3 T water
                         freshly grated Parmesan (accompaniment)
 In a large bowl stir together the salt, the oil, and the Tabasco.  Add the
 eggplant, the zucchini, and the onion and toss the mixture until it is
 combined well.  Spread the mixture in a large baking pan and broil it under a
 preheated broiler about 3  inches from the heat, stirring occasionally, for
 25-30 minutes or until the vegetables are tender and charred lightly around
 the edges.  In a kettle cook the mushrooms and the garlic in the butter over
 moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms give off their
 liquid.  Add the tomatoes and the reserved juice, the wine, the marjoram, the
 rosemary, 6 cups water, the Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper to
 taste.  Stirring, bring the liquid to a boil, and simmer the mixture, covered
 partially, for 20 minutes.  Stir the cornstarch mixture, add it to the soup,
 stirring, and simmer the soup for 5 minutes.  The soup may be made up to 3
 days in advance, kept covered and chilled, and reheated over moderate heat,
 stirring until it is hot.  Ladle the soup into heated bowls and sprinkle it
 with the Parmesan.  Makes about 10 cups.
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