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       Title: Brown Onion Soup
  Categories: Soups, Osg
       Yield: 2 Servings
       1 ea Onion; large
       1 pt Broth
       1 pt Water; boiling - & 2 beef
            -extract cubes
       2    Bread; slices
            Cheese; grated
   Brown 1 large onion in butter in skillet, add 1 pint
   broth or 1 pint boiling water and 2 beef extract
   cubes. Simmer until onion is tender. Toast 2 slices
   bread, sprinkle with grated cheese; place on top of
   soup in casserole, place in oven to melt cheese.
   Serves 2. Source: Cora T. Ruffle, Posted by