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       Title: Rio Grande Kidney Bean Soup
  Categories: Diabetic, Soups/stews, Main dish, Crockpot, Beans
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 sl Bacon;                              3 c  Beef broth;
       1 ts Garlic; minced                      3    Bay leaves;
     1/2 c  Onion; chopped                    1/2 ts Salt;
   2 1/2 c  Kidney beans; canned with         1/8 ts Ground pepper; freshly
            -liquid                           1/4 ts Dried basil; crumbled
   Fry bacon over medium heat in heavy frying pan; crumble bacon and set
   aside.  Reheat bacon drippings over medium heat; saute garlic and
   onion until tender, stirring occaionally.  Puree beans in blender or
   food processor fitted with steel blade and stir into onion mixture.
   Blend in crumbled bacon and remaining ingredients, stirring
   occasionally until soup is hot.  Remove and discard by leaves.  Soup
   will thicken as it stands and be thinned with water or additional
   beef broth.
   Food Exchanges per serving:  1 VEGETABLE EXCHANGE + 1 STARCH/BREAD
   EXCHANGE + 1/2 FAT EXCHANGE CHO: 19g; PRO: 8g; FAT: 3g; CAL: 136
   Low-sodium diets: This recipe is not suitable.
   Source: The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic by Mary Abbott
   Hess,R.D.,M.S. and Katharine Middleton
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