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       Title: Potato, Leek and Cod Soup
  Categories: Diabetic, Soups/stews, Vegetables, Main dish
       Yield: 6 servings
            Stephen Ceideburg                        -leeks)
       1 lb Salt cod (see note)                 1 tb All-purpose flour
       4 c  Milk                            1 1/2 lb Waxy potatoes *
       1 tb Butter                            1/2 ts Ground white pepper
       2 c  Finely sliced leek rounds,        1/2 c  Sour cream
            -white parts only (4 large          1 tb Finely chopped fresh dill
   * peeled and thinly sliced (5 medium, see note)
   Soak salt cod overnight, changing water at least once.
   The next day, drain and place salt cod and milk in pan. In a sauce
   pan, cover and cook over medium heat 8 minutes. Remove salt from pan.
   Pour milk through strainer and set milk aside. Flake and discard any
   skin and bones. Set cod aside.
   Melt butter in clean saucepan over low heat. Add leeks and cook
   stirring occasionally, until soft, about 5 minutes. Stir in flour.
   Stir in reserved milk, potatoes and pepper. Increase heat to medium.
   Cover and cook 15 minutes. Add cod and remove from heat.
   This soup may be made up to a day in advance to this point. Cool,
   cover and refrigerate.
   Place sour cream in small bowl. Reheat soup over medium heat until
   piping hot. Thin sour cream with 1/2 cup hot soup, then pour mixture
   into soup pot. Do not heat soup again or sour cream will curdle. Pour
   soup into tureen, sprinkle with fresh dill and serve.
   Note: Other white fish, such as fresh cod, halibut or flounder, be
   used, either in combination with salt cod or by themselves,
   Note: Use waxy, less starchy potatoes, such as new potatoes, low
   Finnish, Kennebecks, red rose or white rose, to avoid a mealy texture.
   Per serving (using fresh cod): 326 calories (27 percent from protein,
   46 percent from carbohydrate, 27 percent from fat), 22 grams protein,
   38 grams carbohydrate, 10 grams fat, 53 milligrams cholesterol, 195
   milligrams sodium.
   Exchanges: 1 milk, 1 vegetable, 1 1/2 bread, 2 meat, 2 fat.
   Michael Roberts writing in the Oregonian FOODday, 1/12/93.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideburg