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  Categories: Soups, Fruits
       Yield: 12 servings
       1    Squash, butternut (2 1/2 lb)
       1    Squash, acorn (1 1/2 lb)
       1    Onion
       3    Celery rib
   1 1/2 T  Oil
       6 T  Butter
     1/3 c  Flour
       9 c  Chicken stock
     1/2 c  Gruyere; grated
       3    Apple
            Salt; to taste
            Pepper; to taste
   Calories     per serving: 255
   Fat grams    per serving: 8            Approx. Cook Time:  1:00
   Peel and seed squashes.  Cut enough into julienne to make 3/4 cup of
   each.  Cover.  Cut remaining squash into rough cubes.  Chop onion and
   celery. In a large, heavy saucepan heat the oil with 1-1/2 table-
   spoons of water.  Add cubed squash, onion, and celery.  Cover and cook
   over low heat, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes. Make a medium
   roux of butter and flour and cook, stirring constantly (about five
   minutes).  Heat stock and add to roux, stirring briskly until smooth.
   Combine cooked vegetables with thickened stock and bring to a simmer.
   Lower heat and cook, partly covered, until very tender (30 to 40
   minutes).  Puree soup.  Grate cheese.  Peel and seed apples and cut
   into thin slices.  Stir julienne of squash into soup and heat through
   (3 minutes).  Remove from the heat and stir in cheese and sliced
   apples.  Season to taste.