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       Title: Hare, Rabbit, Veal Or Chicken Stew With Herbs
  Categories: Stews
       Yield: 6 servings
        50 g  butter
     1 1/2 kg hare or rabbit joints  --
   :          stewing veal or chic
       450 g  leeks  -- thickly sliced
         4    cloves garlic  -- chopped
   :          finely
       175 g  pot barley
       900 mL water
         3 TB wine vinegar
         2    bay leaves
   :          salt, pepper
        15    fresh sage  -- roughly
   :          chopped
   :          or 1 tblsp dried sage
   In 7th century England, herbs were one of the few
   flavourings available to cooks and were used
   heavily... Melt the butter in a heavy pan and fry the
   meat with the leeks and garlic till the vegetables are
   slightly softened and the meat lightly browned. Add
   the barley, water, vinegar, bay leaves and seasoning.
   bring the pot to the boil, cover it and simmer gently
   for 1 - 1 1/2 hours or till the meat is really tender
   and ready to fall from the bone. Add the sage and
   continue to cook for several minutes. Adjust the
   seasoning to taste and serve in bowls-- the barley
   will serve as a vegetable.
   Recipe By     : The British Museum Cookbook_by Michelle