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       Title: All Purpose Seasoning
  Categories: Diabetic, Herb/spice, Herb/spice
       Yield: 1 see below
       2 tb Minced dehydrated onion;            1 ts Spearmint;
       2 tb Seasame seeds;                      1 ts Spearmint;
       2 tb Parsley flakes;                     1 ts Bay leaf powder;
       2 ts Oregano;                          1/2 ts Dill seed;
       2 ts Garlic powder;                    1/2 ts Thyme;
       1 ts Celery seed;                      1/2 ts Coriander;
       1 ts Marjoram;                         1/2 ts Dry mustard;
       1 ts Dried basil;                      1/2 ts Rosemary;
   In a blender, blend dehydrated onion into finer pieces.  Add remaining
   herbs.  Blend to mix well, but do not make into a powder.  To keep
   herbs fresh, store in shaker top bottle with tight fitting lid.
   Can be used on all cooking, and at the table too to be used instead of
   salt.  This is also bottled as commerical product called “Instead of
   Salt” All Purpose Herb Seasoning, if you want to save time.
   Yield: 1 3/4 oz or 9 3/4 tablespoon or 29 1/2 teaspoon.
   Source: Heathier Eating Guide & Goodbook by George Mateljan
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