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       Title: Apricot Fizz
  Categories: Diabetic, Beverages
       Yield: 6 servings
            Ingredients                         3 c  Diet gingerale;
       3 c  Apricot juice; -unsweetened         1 tb Lemon juice
   Chill apricot juice and ginger ale throughly. To serve, combine
   apricot juice, ginger ale, and lemon juice; stir well, and pour into
   individual glasses.
   From: All New Cookbook For Diabetics And Their Families Each serving
   amount: 1 cup
   Exchanges: 1 Fruit; Chol: 0 mg; Calories: 62; Carbo: 15 gm Protein: 1
   gm; Fat: Tr; Fiber: 0 gm; Sodium: 16 mg
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