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       Title: Beet Borscht
  Categories: Diabetic, Soups/stews, Crockpot
       Yield: 4 servings
   1 1/2 c  Beet liquid; drained of 1         1/4 ts Salt;
            -can of beets                       1 ts Fresh lemon juice;
     3/4 c  Tomato juice;                     1/4 c  Plain low-fat yogurt;
     1/4 ts Onion powder;                  
   Mix all ingredients except yogurt.  Chill 2-3 hours in a covered jar.
   Serve in cocktail glasses or small glass bowls, topping each with 1
   tablespoon yogurt.
   4 servings (Yield: 2 cups)                      1 serving: 1/2 cup
   Nutritive values per serving: 6 gm. carbohydrates; 2 gm. protein; 0
   gm. fat; 36 calories; 0.6 gm. fiber; 464 mg. sodium; 1 mg. cholesterol
   Food Exchange per serving: 1 Vegetable Exchange
   Low-sodium diets: This recipe is not suitable ~-----------------------