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       Title: Chewy Apple Moons
  Categories: Diabetic, Desserts, Cooky/bars
       Yield: 18 servings
     3/4 c  Juice, apple, conc.             1 1/4 c  Flour
     1/2 c  Apples, dried                     1/2 ts Baking powder
       2    Eggs                              1/2 ts Cinnamon, ground
     1/4 c  Butter; melted & cooled           1/4 ts Salt
       1 ts Vanilla                           1/8 ts Nutmeg, ground
   Chop fruit.  Combine apple juice concentrate and apples; let stand 10
   Preheat oven to 350.  Beat eggs in medium bowl.  Blend in concentrate
   mixture, butter, and vanilla.  Add remaining ingredients and mix
   well. Drop tablespoonsful of dough 2 onto greased cookie sheets.
   Bake 10-12 minutes, until firm and golden brown.
   Cool wire racks.  Store in tightly covered container.
   Nutrition information per cookie:  89 calories,  2 gm protein, 13 gm
   carbohydrate,  3 gm fat,  27% of calories from fat, 31 mg
   cholesterol, 80 mg sodium,   1/2 diabetic starch/bread exchange, 2/3
   diabetic fat exchange, 1/3 diabetic fruit exchange.
   Source: “Sugar-Free Desserts,” the December 1992 issue of _Favorite
   All-Time Recipes_ magazine MM by Sylvia Steiger, GEnie THE.STEIGERS,
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