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       Title: Lasagna
  Categories: Diabetic, Pasta, Vegetables, Meats, Main dish
       Yield: 12 portions
       1 lb Lean ground beef;                  10 oz (1 pkg)spinach;
      16 oz (1 cn) stewed tomatoes;                  -frozen chopped
            -undrained                          1 c  Lowfat cottage cheese;
     1/2 c  Water                               2 tb Parmesan cheese; grated
       1 cl Garlic; minced                      1 tb Dried parsley flakes;
       2 ts Whole Italian herb dressing;        1 ts Dried whole oregano;
            -dried                                   Vegetables Cooking spray
       8 oz (1) pkg Lasagna Noodles;            4 oz Lowfat American Cheese;
            -whole wheat                             -shreadded prosess
   Chol: 49 mg; Calories: 190; Carbo: 16 gm; Protein: 16 gm Fat: 6 gm;
   Fiber: Tr; Sodium: 393 mg
   1. Cook ground chuck in a medium skillet over medium heat until
   browned. Drain and pat dry with paper towel.
   2. Return meat to skillet, stir in tomatoes,water, garlic, and
   Italian herb seasoning. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and
   simmer 20 minutes.
   3. Cook noodles according to package directions, omitting salt and
   fat. Drain well and set aside.
   4. Cook spinach according to package directions, omitting salt and
   fat. Drain well, squeeze excess moisture from spinach. Combine
   spinach and next four ingredients, stirring until well combined. Set
   mixture aside.
   5. Place half of cooked noodles in a 12 X 8 X 2-inch baking dish
   coated with cooking spray. Top with half each of cottage cheese
   mixture and American Cheese. Spread half of meat mixture over top.
   6. Repeat layers with remaining cooked noodles, cottage cheese
   mixture, shreaded American cheese, and meat mixture. Bake at 350
   degrees for 30 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Divide
   into twelve portions and serve hot.
   Serving: 12; Each Serving amount 1 portion Exchanges: 2 Med-Fat Meat;
   1 Starch
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   (From Bill Orsetti via GEnie)
   From: All New Cookbook For Diabetics and Their Families
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