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       Title: Limeade
  Categories: Diabetic, Beverages
       Yield: 6 sweet ones
   1 1/2 c  Freshley Squeezed Lime Juice             -the better)
 		      -(About 6 limes) ***	      1 1/2 c  NutraSweet (r)
	   Spoonful (tm)
       4 c  Cold Water  (The colder        
   Ice Cubes 6 Lime Slice Twists 6 Mint Sprigs
   Mix first three ingredents together and refrigerate untill chilled
   and you are ready to serve.  You may freeze it in ice cube trays and
   use in place of the Ice Cubes when serving as well,  Or as a
   “Popsicle” Limeade ice cubes may be “processed” in an ice crusher,
   blender or food processor to make a Lime Slush as well.
   To serve, either make a slush as described above or serve over ice.
   Optional garnash of Lime slice and/or mint sprigs.
   Makes 6 servings of about 8 ounces each
   Nutritional Information
   Serving size 8 oz
   Calories ------------ 45           Saturated Fat --------- 0g Protein
   ~----------- <1g          Cholesterol   --------- 0g Carbohydrates
   ~------ 12g          Fiber         --------- Trace Total Fat -------
   0g Sodium --------- 5mg
   Diabetic Food Exchange
   1 fruit From:
   John Davis
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