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       Title: Family-Favorite Oatmeal (Lf)
  Categories: Diabetic, Low-fat/cal, Breakfast, Fruits
       Yield: 6 servings
       3 c  Hot cooked oatmeal;                      -cut into small chunks
     1/4 c  Light brown sugar;                1/3 c  Raisins;
       1 ts Cinnamon;                           2 tb Walnuts; or pecans, chopped
       1 md To large apple; at room temp  
 MMMMM------------------------PER SERVING-----------------------------
   2 7/8 x  *gm Total Fat                       4 x  *gm Fiber
     3/8 x  *gm Sat Fat                         7 x  *mg sodium
     171 x  *Cals                          
   Stir brown sugar and cinnamon into cooked oatmeal. Add apple chunks,
   raisins, and chopped nuts.  Serve hot.
   From One Meal At A Time by Martin Katahn
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