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       Title: French Fried Onion Rings
  Categories: Diabetic, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 lg Sweet onion                       1/2 ts Salt
     1/2 c  Skim milk                           1 tb Veg. oil
     3/4 c  Plain dried bread crumbs            1 ts Veg. oil (more)
       1 ts Chili powder (optional)        
    Cut onion into 1/4 inch slices and separate rings.  In 9 x 13 pan
   combine onion & milk.  Let stand 30 minutes turning frequently. On
   wax paper combine next 3 ingredients. Turn onion rings into bread
   crumbs to coat. Spray cookie sheet and place onion rings on pan.
    Drizzle evenly with vegetable oil.  Bake 450 for 5 minutes on each
   side. 1 serving = 1 fat, 1/2 vegetable, 1 bread, 5 optional calories