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  Categories: Desserts, Diabetic
       Yield: 6 servings
            Stephen Ceideburg
       6    Bosc or Anjou pears *
       2    Lemons, cut in half
       6 c  Water
   1 1/2 c  Granulated sugar
       2    Whole cinnamon sticks
       8    Quarter-sized slices fresh
            -ginger **
       1 tb Minced candied ginger ***
   *slightly underripe, peeled, halved and cored **
   smashed with flat sided knife or cleaver *** available
   at Asian markets, gourmet stores and some supermarkets
   Rub pear halves with cut lemon to prevent browning and
   set aside. Combine water, sugar, cinnamon and ginger
   in large non aluminum pan. Heat until boiling. Reduce
   heat and simmer, uncovered, 30 for minutes.
   Add pears and heat until liquid almost boils. Reduce
   heat until liquid is just under a boil and poach pears
   until just tender, 12 to 15 minutes. (Knife will
   pierce center easily.) Remove pears with slotted spoon
   and let cool slightly. Arrange cooked pears on serving
   dish or in individual serving bowls.
   Remove ginger and cinnamon from poaching liquid and
   reheat liquid until boiling. Cook until liquid is
   reduced to thick syrup, about 25 minutes. Let cool
   slightly. Pour warm syrup over pears. Sprinkle with
   candied ginger and serve. You may also serve with
   scoops of vanilla or ginger ice cream.
   Per serving: 280 calories (1 percent from protein, 98
   percent from carbohydrate, 2 percent from fat), 1 gram
   protein, 74 grams carbohydrate, 1 gram fat, 0
   cholesterol, 8 milligrams sodium.
   Exchanges: 11/2 fruit, 1/2 bread.
   From the Oregonian’s FOODday, 1/19/93.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideburg