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       Title: Poultry Seasoning
  Categories: Diabetic, Master mix
       Yield: 1 master mix
            Use 1/2 tsp for 3 tb total          2    Dried marjoram
            Use 1/8 tsp for 1 recipe amt        2    Dried savory
       7    Ground white pepper or less?        2    Powdered ginger
       3    Dried sage                          1    Ground allspice
       2    Dried thyme                         1    Grated nutmeg
   Combine all ingredients (or those of your choice) and store in an
   airtight jar.  Yield about 3 tbsp.  (My note:  cautious with white
   pepper! - my dressing tastes good with just 1/2 the quantity of sage
   as the recipe amount of poultry seasoning and a generous grinding of
   black pepper.)
   Keep a note of the contents of your own poultry seasoning so you can
   duplicate a good one next time you want it.
   Source:  Cut Your Bills in Half - Rodale Press Shared but not tested
   by Elizabeth Rodier Oct 93